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Troy, Vermont

Orleans county. Troy lies 47 miles N. from Montpelier, 51 N.E. from Burlington, 11 N.N.W. from Irasburgh, and is bounded N. by Canada. First settled in 1800. Population, 1830, 608. During the war for "sailors' rights," most of the inhabitants left the town, which greatly retarded its growth. It is finely watered by Missisque river and its tributaries: the surface is generally level, and the soil productive, particularly on the sides of the streams.

The Falls on the Missisque, produce a great water power, and propel some machinery. These falls pass down a ledge of rocks about 70 feet. A rock projects over them, 120 feet in perpendicular height. From this rock, the falls, the deep still water in the gulph below, with the romantic scenery around the place, present a spectacle of great interest to the curious traveller. The rocks here are chlorite, serpentine, limestone, soapstone and mica slate.

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