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Marlborough, Vermont

Windham county. First settled, 1763. It lies 8 miles S. from Newfane and 24 E. from Bennington. Population, 1830, 1,218. Mrs. Whittemore, the wife of one of the first settlers, spent the winter of 1764–5 in this then wilderness, alone, her husband being absent in the pursuit of his calling, as a tinker. During this winter she saw no human being, except her little daughter and some hunters who happened accidentally to pass that way. She cut down timber and furnished browse for their cattle, and thus kept them alive through the winter. Mrs. W. was very useful to the settlers, both as a nurse and a midwife. She possessed a vigorous constitution, and frequently travelled through the woods upon snow shoes from one part of the town to another, both by night and day, to relieve the distressed. She lived to the age of 87 years, officiated as midwife at more than 2,000 births, and never lost a patient.

The town is well watered by the W. branch of West river, Whetstone brook, and Green river. It has a good soil, and is very productive in wheat, rye, and other grain, fruit and potatoes. Here is a pleasant village, several fine trout ponds, various kinds of minerals and medicinal springs. Marlborough suffered some by the Indians and did much for the cause of independence.

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