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Westmoreland, New Hampshire

Cheshire county. Westmoreland is bounded N. by Walpole, E. by Surry and Keene, S. by Chesterfield, and W. by Dummerston and Putney, Vt. Its distance from Concord is 65 miles S.W. Population, 1830, 1,647.

This town is watered by several small streams which empty into the Connecticut. The one issuing from Spafford's lake in Chesterfield is the largest, and affords some of the best water privileges in the town.

The present charter of the town was granted by New Hampshire in 1752. The first settlement was made in 1741. The early settlers were several times attacked by the Indians. In one of their excursions, they killed William Phips, the first husband of Jemima How; and in another, carried Nehemiah How, the father of her second husband, a captive to Canada, where he died. The surface of Westmoreland is less varied by mountains, vales, rivers and ponds, than the neighboring towns.

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