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Sutton, New Hampshire

Merrimack county. This town lies 25 miles W.N.W. from Concord. The southerly and largest branch of Warner river enters this town on the south, runs a short distance, and passes off into Warner again. The northerly branch of this river runs nearly through the centre of the town from north to south, and affords several good mill seats. Stevens' brook, another considerable branch of Warner river, has its source on the W. side of Kearsarge, and runs about 4 miles in this town, in a S.E. direction. There is also a large branch of Blackwater river, which has its source about the western confines of Kearsarge, and flows through this town in a N.E. course about 3 miles. On the margin of this stream there is some rich meadow and intervale land. There are several ponds, the most important of which are Kezar's pond, situated towards the N. part of the town, which is about 190 rods square; and Long pond, situated at the south part of the town. Kearsarge mountain extends more than half the length of Sutton on the E. side. King's Hill is situated on the W. part of Sutton. On the most elevated part of this hill, which rises within a few feet as high as Kearsarge, there is one of the most extensive landscape views in the country. On the W. is seen the Sunapee lake, the Ascutney, and highlands in Vermont to the Green mountains; on the S. the Sunapee and Monadnock; on the E. you almost overlook Kearsarge, and on the north the Cardigan and White hills.

Sutton was granted in 1749. It was called Perrys-town, from Obadiah Perry, one of its original and principal proprietors. The first settlement was made in 1767. Population, 1830, 1,424.

On the W. bank of Kezar's pond, were several acres of land, which appeared to have been cleared of their original forests. Here were found several Indian hearths, laid with stone, and with much skill and ingenuity. Here was found an Indian burial place. Gun barrels and arrows have been found in this sacred repository. Near the pond, have been found stone pestles, mortars, and tomahawks.

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