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Stewartstown, New Hampshire

Coos county, lies on the E. side of the Connecticut, which washes its W. boundary, a distance of 7 miles. It lies 150 miles N.W. from Portland, 150 N. from Concord, and is bounded N. by Canada.

The Connecticut river is about 15 rods in width at this place.—Bishop's brook, a considerable stream, rises in this town, and falls into the Connecticut at the N.W. corner. Dead water and Mohawk rivers have their sources here. Hall's stream, also, unites with the Connecticut in Stewartstown. There are two ponds in the E. part of this town, called Little and Great Diamond ponds, both well stocked with salmon trout. There are no large mountains in Stewartstown, although there are many elevations. The soil of the intervale is rich and the uplands productive.

Stewartstown was incorporated in 1799. During the late war a block house or fort was erected in this town for defence by a company of militia, and occupied until August, 1814, when it was destroyed. Population, 1830, 529.

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