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Rindge, New Hampshire

Cheshire county. This town is 20 miles S.E. from Keene, 50 S.W. from Concord, and 55 W.N.W. from Boston. The soil is productive, lying on swells of land for the most part inclining to the south. There are 13 ponds, the largest of which are called Manomonack, Emerson, Perley, Long, Grassy, and Bullet. The 3 first discharge their waters into Miller's river in Mass., thence communicating with the Connecticut; the 3 last discharge themselves into Contoocook river, and from thence into the Merrimack. These ponds abound with fish, and were much frequented by the Indians for procuring fur, &c. There is a small elevation of land in Rindge from which the waters that issue on one side descend into the Merrimack, and those on the other side, into the Connecticut. Iron is found here; also a species of paint nearly equal to the best quality of Spanish brown. Rindge was originally called Rowley Canada, or Monadnock No. 1. It received its present name from one of the proprietors, when it was incorporated, in 1768. The settlement commenced, 1752, by Jonathan Stanley, George Hewitt and Abel Platts. Population, in 1830, 1,269.

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