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Piermont, New Hampshire

Grafton county, is bounded N. by Haverhill. It is 65 miles N.N.W. from Concord. The soil, especially on the Connecticut, is good. The meadows, or intervales, are extensive, and in some instances highly cultivated. The meadows are composed of sandy loam, in some places inclined to marle, and are favorable to the growth of wheat, corn, and every kind of grain. Back from the river the town is made up of swells of fine grazing and mowing land, well watered with brooks and springs. In the N.E. part of the town are three considerable ponds, called Eastman's ponds. From these ponds issues Eastman's brook, which, passing in a S.E. direction, falls into Connecticut river, forming a number of excellent mill seats. Indian brook, on which mills are erected, is in the S. part. The settlement commenced in 1770. Population, in 1830, 1,042.

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