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Orange, New Hampshire

Grafton county, is 16 miles E. from Dartmouth college, 10 S.W. from Plymouth, and 40 N.W. from Concord. Population, 1830, 405. In this town are found many mineral substances, such as lead ore, iron ore, &c. There is in the S.E. part a small pond, in which is found a species of paint resembling spruce yellow. Chalk, intermixed with magnesia, is said to be procured from the same pond. In 1810 a valuable species of ochre was discovered. It is found in great abundance, deposited in veins, and of a quality superior to the imported.—Large quantities of it are annually prepared for market. The surface of Orange is uneven, but the soil in many parts of it is productive.—Cardigan mountain lies in the E. part of the town. Orange was granted by the name of Cardigan, Feb. 6, 1769. Its settlement commenced in 1773.

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