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Lincoln, New Hampshire

Grafton county, a mountainous township 70 miles N. from Concord.—The middle branch of the Pemigewasset passes through nearly the centre of the town. It has its source in Ferrin's pond, in the S. part of Franconia. There are several ponds, viz: Bog, Fish, and Loon ponds. There are many elevations, of which Kinsman's mountain is the most considerable. In the N. part of the town are two large gulfs, made by an extraordinary discharge of water from the clouds in 1774. The numerous "slips," as they are called, from the mountains are worthy of notice. They commence near the summit of the mountain, and proceed to its base, forcing a passage through all obstructions. The soil here is poor. Wild animals, such as bears, raccoons, foxes, sables, otters, deer, &c., are very numerous. Lincoln was granted in 1764, to James Avery and others. Population, 1830, 50.

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