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Lebanon, New Hampshire

Grafton county. This pleasant town on Connecticut river is 4 miles S. from Dartmouth College, 49 N.W. from Concord, and 90 N.W. from Portsmouth. Besides the Connecticut on its W. border, this town is watered by Mascomy river, running from E. to W. through its centre, and affording many valuable mill seats and a constant supply of water. The soil here is alluvial, the intervales on the Connecticut extending back from the river about half a mile. There are meadows or intervales on Mascomy river. The principal village is situated on a plain near the central part, at the head of the falls of Mascomy river. There are falls in the Connecticut in this town, which have been locked and canalled by a company, called the White River Company. Lyman's bridge connects this town with Hartford, Vt. A medicinal spring has been discovered. A lead mine has been opened, and there has been found on Enfield line, near the outlet of the Great pond, a vein of iron ore.

This is a place of considerable manufactures, and of extensive trade. Lebanon was granted 1761. It was the first town settled on Connecticut river to the N. of Charlestown. The first settlers were a hardy, brave people, tenacious of their principles; most of them were men of strong minds, good habits, correct principles, and good common education. Population, 1830, 1,868.

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