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Hudson, New Hampshire

Hillsborough county. This town lies 17 miles S.E. from Amherst and 38 S. from Concord. The land here is of easy cultivation. On the river are fine intervales, of a deep rich soil. Distant from the river, the land is hilly and somewhat broken. There are two ponds, known by the name of Little Massabesick, and Otternick ponds. This town was included in the grant of Dunstable, and was settled as early as 1710. The first settlements were made on the banks of the river, where the Indians had cleared fields for cultivating corn. The first inhabitants lived in garrisons. While the men were abroad in the fields and forests, the women and children were lodged in these places for security. Near the Indian cornfields have been found cinders of a blacksmith's forge, which have led to the conjecture that they employed a smith to manufacture their implements of war and agriculture. Incorporated, 1746, by the name of Nottingham-West, which it retained until July 1, 1830, when it changed to Hudson. Population in 1830, 1,282.

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