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Hillsborough, New Hampshire

Hillsborough county. It is 23 miles N.W. from Amherst, 24 W.S.W. from Concord. This town is well watered. Contoocook river passes through the S.E. corner and affords several excellent water privileges. Hillsborough river has its source from ponds in Washington; runs a S.E. course through the whole extent of Hillsborough, receiving the outlets of several ponds on the E., and forms a junction with the Contoocook, on the S. line of the town. The land here is uneven, but it affords many good farms. There is a pleasant village on the 2d New Hampshire turnpike, which passes N.W. through the town, containing a number of dwelling houses, stores, mills, and a cotton and woolen factory.

Hillsborough was formerly known by the name of Number 7 of frontier towns. The first settlement was made in 1741. The first children born in Hillsborough were John M'Calley and Mary Gibson, who intermarried, and received as a gift a tract of land from the principal proprietor. It was incorporated in 1772. Population, 1830, 1,792.

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