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Epsom, New Hampshire

Merrimack county. This town lies 12 miles E. from Concord. Population, 1830, 1,418. The surface of the town is generally uneven. The principal eminences are called M'Coy's, Fort, Nat's, and Nottingham mountains. The soil is in general good, and well adapted for grazing or grain. Great and Little Suncook are the only streams deserving the name of rivers. Here are three ponds, Chesnut, Round, and Odiorne's. Brown oxide, and sulphuret of iron are found, the latter most frequently in its decomposed state. Varieties of quartz, feldspar, and schorl are also found. An alluvial deposite has been discovered, which has been ascertained to be terra de senna; it constitutes a very handsome and durable paint for cabinet work. Epsom was granted May 18, 1727, to Theodore Atkinson and others. Like all other frontier towns, Epsom was exposed, in its early settlement, to the Indians.

Maj. Andrew M'Clary, a native of this town, fell at the battle of Breed's Hill, June 17th, 1775. Like the illustrious Roman, he left his plough on the news of the massacre at Lexington, and in the action when he lost his life displayed great coolness and bravery.

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