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Dunbarton, New Hampshire

Merrimack county. This town lies 9 miles S.W. from Concord and 7 S.E. from Hopkinton. Population, 1830, 1,067. The situation of the town is somewhat elevated, though there are but few hills, nor any mountains. The air is clear, the water good, and the health of its inhabitants is seldom interrupted by sickness. The soil is good, peculiarly suited for corn, wheat and orcharding. Almost every lot in town is capable of making a good farm. The farmers here have good buildings and are excellent husbandmen. The advantages in point of water privileges are not great. The inhabitants are principally descendants of Scotch Irish, so called, from the North of Ireland. Their posterity still retain many traits of character peculiar to that people. Dunbarton was granted in 1751 to Archibald Stark and others. Its present name is derived from Dumbarton, in Scotland, from whence Stark emigrated. The first settlement was made about 1749. William Stinson, born in Ireland, came to Londonderry with his father. He was much respected and was a useful man. James Rogers was from Ireland, and father to major Robert Rogers. He was shot in the woods, being mistaken for a bear.

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