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Chichester, New Hampshire

Merrimack county, is situated 8 miles E. from Concord. It was granted May 20, 1727, to Nathaniel Gookin and others, but the settlement was not commenced until 1758, when Paul Morrill settled in the woods. The soil is good, and richly repays the cultivator. There is little waste land, nor are there any considerable elevations. The east part of the town is watered by the Suncook river, which affords it mill seats and some productive intervale.—Population, 1830, 1,084. In various parts of the town are still to be seen traces of Indian settlements; and implements of stone, chisels, axes, &c, have frequently been found. The vicinity was once the residence of a powerful tribe, the Penacooks, and their plantations of corn, &c., were made on the banks of the Suncook.

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