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Allenstown, New Hampshire

Merrimack county. On the Suncook river, 11 miles S.E. from Concord and 38 W. from Portsmouth. The land generally is of an extraordinary quality, though there are some fine farms. The town is principally covered with a growth of oak and pine timber; and great quantities of lumber are annually taken down the river. Allenstown is well watered, though no large stream passes through it. Great Bear brook furnishes the principal mill seats. Catamount hill is the highest land in town. At the E. end of this hill is a precipice of 70 feet nearly perpendicular, at the foot of which is a cavern of some extent, inclining upwards. The first settlers were Rob't Buntin and others. In 1748, while at work on the western bank of the Merrimack river, opposite the mouth of the Suncook, in company with James Carr, Mr. Buntin and his son, ten years of age, were surprised by a party of Indians. Carr attempted to escape and was shot down. Buntin and his son, making no resistance, were not harmed; but taken through the wilderness to Canada, and sold to a French trader at Montreal; with whom they remained about eleven months, escaped, and fortunately reached home in safety. Andrew, the son, continued on his father's farm until the commencement of the revolution, when, entering the service of his country, he died in her defence at White Plains, Oct. 26, 1776. Incorporated July 2, 1831. Population, 1830, 421.

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