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West Cambridge [Arlington], Massachusetts

Middlesex county. This was a parish of Cambridge, called "Menotomy," until its incorporation in 1807. A part of the lands are low and swampy, but the general features of the town are pleasant. Spy, Little, and a part of Fresh ponds lie in this town; they abound with fish, and add much to the beauty of the place. These ponds cover an area of about 200 acres, and furnish large quantities of ice for transportation. In this town are some very pleasant villages, numerous country seats, and well cultivated farms. Large quantities of milk are daily taken to the Boston market, and this place is a considerable mart for cattle from the interior country.

Sucker brook, though a small stream, furnishes a good water power. The descent of this stream is so great, that dams are erected in the town for appropriating its water nine different times. The mechanical operations of West Cambridge consist of dying and printing calico, pulverizing drugs, medicines and dye-stuffs, a turning and sawing mill, and the manufacture of saws, cards, boots, shoes, cabinet ware and chairs; total value, the year ending April 1, 1837, $312,500. West Cambridge is 6 miles N.W. from Boston and 12 E. by S. from Concord. Population, 1830, 1,308.

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