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Spencer, Massachusetts

Worcester county. Seven Mile river, a branch of the Chickopee, waters this town. There are two woolen mills in this town, and manufactures of scythe snaiths, straw bonnets, boots, shoes, leather, cabinet ware, chairs, palm-leaf hats, harnesses, and barrels: annual value, about $80,000.

This township is quite elevated for the section of country in which it lies. It is stated to be the summit level between the waters of Boston harbor and Connecticut river, 950 feet above the former, and 880 feet above the latter. The surface of the town is agreeably varied by hills and valleys: the soil is fertile, and cultivated by men of industry and independence.

Spencer is 52 miles W. from Boston and 12 W. from Worcester. Population, in 1830, 1,618; 1837, 2,085. It was taken from Leicester in 1753.

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