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Randolph, Massachusetts

Norfolk county. Randolph constituted a part of ancient Braintree until 1793, when it was incorporated. It lies 14 miles S. from Boston, 12 S.E. from Dedham, and 7 S.S.W. from Braintree landing. Population, 1820, 1,546; 1830, 2,200; 1837, 3,041. Manatiquot river rises in the town, which, with other small streams, afford it a water power. Punkapog pond lies in this town and Canton. The land is elevated between the waters of Massachusetts bay and Taunton river; the surface is generally undulating and the soil strong and productive. There are two very pleasant and flourishing villages in the town, East and West, surrounded by fertile and well cultivated fields. Randolph has long been noted for the industry of its people in the manufacture of boots and shoes. During the year ending April 1st, 1837, there were made in the town 200,175 pairs of boots, and 470,620 pairs of shoes, valued at $944,715, employing 1,475 hands. There are manufactures of leather, &c. in the town, but that of boots and shoes is the principal.

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