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Natick, Massachusetts

Middlesex county. Natick is a pleasant town, of good soil: it is watered by Charles river, and contains several delightful ponds, well stored with fish. This was a favorite resort of the Indians. There are some moderate elevations in the town: the Indians used to call it "the place of hills."

Under the advice and direction of the apostle Elliot, the first Indian church in New England was formed here in 1660, and comprised 40 communicants.

The manufactures of the town consist principally of shoes. During the year ending April 1, 1837, 250,650 pairs were made, valued at $213,053: employing 452 hands. This town was incorporated in 1781. Population, 1830, 890; 1837, 1,221. It lies 16 miles W.S.W. from Boston and 12 S. from Concord.

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