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Medford, Massachusetts

Middlesex county. This beautiful town is situated at the head of navigation on Mystic river, 5 miles N.W. from Boston and 14 E. by S. from Concord. The Boston and Lowell rail-road, and Middlesex canal pass through the town. The finest ships that float on the ocean, are built here: during the five years preceding April 1, 1837, sixty vessels were built, the tonnage of which was 24,195 tons: value $1,112,970. There are also manufactures of leather, spirits, linseed oil, bricks, boots, shoes, ploughs, hats and hat bodies. The soil of the town is very fertile, and in a high state of cultivation. The business of the town is much associated with the city, and many delightful country seats are scattered over and decorate the grounds improved as a farm by Governor Winthrop in 1633.

Winter Hill, memorable as the place of encampment of General Burgoyne and his army, after their capture at Saratoga, is in this town. It is 125 feet above the tide water and presents a view of great extent and beauty. Medford was incorporated in 1630. Population, 1830, 1,755; 1837, 2,072.

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