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Marblehead, Massachusetts

Essex county. This is a noted fishing town, on a rocky point of land extending into Massachusetts bay, with a hardy and intrepid crew of fishermen and sailors. The harbor is commodious and easy of access. The quantity of fish exported from this place in 1794 amounted to $184,532. Since that time the fishing business has greatly increased, and this place has now become one of the largest fishing ports on the American coast. There belong to this place from 90 to 100 sail of fishing, coasting and merchant vessels. Tonnage of the district, in 1837, 10,037. First settled, 1631. Incorporated, 1649. Population, 1837, 5,549. It lies 14 miles N.E. from Boston and 4 S.E. from Salem. The value of the cod and mackerel fishery the year ending April 1, 1837, was $153,487; employing 500 hands. The manufactures of Marblehead, the same year, amounted to $398,565. The articles manufactured consisted of boots, shoes, bar iron, chairs, cabinet and tin wares, vessels, soap, glue, cards and wheels. This is a romantic place; nearly allied to its neighbor, Nahant;—only 6 miles across the bay.

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