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Beverly, Massachusetts

Essex county. This town lies N. of Salem, and is united to it by a bridge across the North river, built in 1788, 1,500 feet in length. The people of this town are noted for their enterprise in commerce and the fisheries. There are some merchant vessels belonging to this place, about 50 sail of fishermen, and 20 coasters. The annual value of the fisheries at Beverly is about $100,000. The manufactures, consisting of Britannia ware, tin and cabinet wares, chairs, hats, boots, hair, mustard, and bricks, amounted to in one year about $120,000. The prosperity of this town has not suffered by the growth of luxury or excess of trade; its fisheries and manufacturing concerns are steady and progressive. First settled, 1626. Incorporated, 1688. Population, 1830, 4,079—1837, 4,609. Among many distinguished men who have lived and died at Beverly, was Captain Thomas Lathrop, who commanded the "flower of Essex," a company of young men from this county, and who were, with their leader, almost wholly cut off by the Indians, at Bloody Brook, in 1675.

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