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Skowhegan, Maine

Somerset county. This town was formerly called Milburn: it took the Indian name of the place in 1836. It is situated on the N. side of Kennebec river, at Skowhegan Falls. The river runs here in an eastern direction. The local situation of Skowhegan, its admirable water power, and the fertility of the adjacent country, united with the enterprise of its inhabitants, has rendered the place, but recently a wilderness, one of the best cultivated townships in the state, the site of a great number of mills, and a mart of an extensive trade. There is much delightful scenery about Skowhegan: the village is neatly built, and its beauty is much enhanced by the whiteness of the houses contrasted with the blue and green of the river and its banks. Between Skowhegan and Bloomfield is a small island in the river. Across this island are noble bridges uniting the towns. This place lies 5 miles below Norridgewock, and 33 N. from Augusta. Population, 1830, 1,006; 1837, 1,433.

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