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Hancock county. Sedgwick lies on the west side of Blue Hill bay, 87 miles E. from Augusta and about 25 S. by W. from Ellsworth. Incorporated, 1789. Population, 1837, 1,784. This town has good harbors and enjoys great privileges for navigation. A number of vessels are owned here employed in the coasting trade and fishery, and ship building is an important branch of business. The soil of the town is not so productive as that more distant from the sea, still it is abundantly able to supply its own people with bread stuffs and all the varieties of fruits and vegetables common to a New England climate.

This town was named in honor of Theodore Sedgwick, an eminent statesman and jurist, a senator to Congress, and for many years a judge of the supreme court of Massachusetts. He died at Boston in 1813, aged 66, highly valued by his friends and country.