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Kittery, Maine

York county. A sea port town on the N.E. bank of Piscataqua river, being the extreme south western boundary of the state on the Atlantic, adjoining York on the N.E. and Elliot on the N.W. It is one of the earliest settlements in the province, or state, and had its share of trial and suffering with others of their days, from repeated incursions of the Indians. The river or inlet, called Spruce creek, affords a convenient harbor for vessels usually employed in the coasting reade and fishery, and formerly considerable trade was carried on with the West Indies from this place; but there is little or none at present.

Kittery point was the residence of Sir William Pepperell, who commanded the New England troops in the celebrated expedition to Cape Breton, in 1745, which resulted in the capture of Louisburg. It is divided from Portsmouth, N.H. by the Piscataqua. A bridge connects it with that place. Another bridge connects it with Badger's island, on which is the United States Navy Yard. Kittery lies 103 miles S.W. from Augusta and 50 S.W. from Portland. Incorporated, 1653.—Population, 1837, 2,322.

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