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Frankfort, Maine

Waldo county. This excellent township of land is situated on the W. side of Penobscot river, 57 miles N.E. by E. from Augusta, 12 S. from Bangor, and 18 N. from Belfast. It is well watered by Marsh river, on which are two beautiful villages. The largest village is near the Penobscot on Marsh bay. The other village is at the head of the tide, on Marsh river, about 4 miles S.W. from the Penobscot, and is accommodated with excellent mill privileges. The location of Frankfort is exceedingly favorable to the navigation and trade of Penobscot river, particularly so in the winter season, as it is the highest point on the river to which vessels can ascend during the icy season of the year. The prospects of Frankfort in its commercial and agricultural pursuits are very promising: indeed it bids fair to become an important depot on one of our largest rivers. Among the agricultural products of this town, in 1837, was 9,330 bushels of wheat. Population, 1830, 2,487; 1837, 3,223. Incorporated, 1789.

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