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Castine, Maine

Hancock county. Castine derived its name from a French baron of that name, who resided here upwards of twenty years after 1667. This peninsula, jutting out into Belfast bay, at the mouth of Penobscot river, was formerly called "Major Biguyduce," pronounced, Bagaduce. The peninsula embraces 2,500 acres of land, and was first settled by the English, in 1760. The British occupied this place in both of the wars with the U.S. It was the shire, or chief town, of the county from 1789 to 1838, when the courts were removed to Ellsworth. Castine possesses an excellent maritime position, but its trade from the country is limited, being cut off by the more inland towns. Its trade, however, is considerable. The lumber and coasting trade, with the fisheries, give active employment to its people. 78 miles E. from Augusta and about 25 S.W. from Ellsworth. Population, 1830, 1,155; 1837, 1,168.

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