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Oxford, Connecticut

New Haven county. Oxford was taken from Derby in 1798. It lies 14 miles N.W. from New Haven, and 40 S.W. from Hartford. It is watered by Housatonick and Naugatuck rivers. The surface of the town is diversified with hills and valleys;—the soil is generally a gravelly loam, fertile and productive.

There are large manufacturing establishments in Oxford, among which are three satinet factories and an extensive hat manufactory. The water power at this place is excellent. Population, 1830, 1,763. From "Governor's Hill" a fine view of the neat village of "Quaker Farms," and the surrounding country is presented.

About one mile south of the central part of the town is a remarkable mineral spring called "The Pool," from the circumstance of its waters being efficacious, and much used for the cure of the salt rheum and other complaints. "Once in a month a yellowish scum will collect upon the surface of the water, which in a few days runs off, and leaves the pool perfectly clear. In the coldest weather, this spring never freezes; in the dryest season it is as full as at other times.

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