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North Branford, Connecticut

New Haven county. This town was incorporated in 1831, and was taken from Branford. A range of mountains from the southwest to northeast passes through the central part of the town. The inhabitants are generally substantial farmers, and property is very equally distributed. The face of the township is generally hilly but the soil is strong and fertile. It lies 9 miles E. from New Haven. Population, 1832, 1,100.

About a mile southeast of the Northford church, on Tetoket mountain, there is the appearance of having been, at some remote period, some violent convulsions in nature; the rocks appear to have been rent asunder, and are thrown about in great disorder. Lead is said to have been found near this spot, a mass of it being discovered by a person who was hunting, at the time of the first settlement of the parish: he hung up a pair of buck's horns to designate the spot, but the place could not be found afterwards.

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