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Milford, Connecticut

New Haven county. This is one of the towns which composed the "Old Jurisdiction of New Haven." The settlement commenced in 1639. The first purchase of land was made of the Indians for the consideration of "6 coats, 10 blankets, 1 kettle, besides a number of hoes, knives, hatchets, and glasses." The Indians made a reservation of 20 acres in the town, which was sold by them, in 1661, for 6 coats, 2 blankets, and a pair of breeches.

Milford is bounded W. by Housatonick river and S.W. by Long Island Sound. The Indian name of the place was Wepawaug. The town is generally level, and the soil productive. There is a quarry of beautiful serpentine marble in the town, and a harbor for small vessels.

Poconock or Milford point is a noted place, where are a number of huts on the beach, occupied by persons engaged in the oyster and clam business.

Milford village is very pleasant, and the scenery variegated and interesting. Population, 1837, about 2,800.

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