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Middletown, Connecticut

Chief town of Middlesex county.—Middletown City, a port of entry, lies on the W. bank of Connecticut river, 30 miles from its mouth, 15 S. from Hartford, 24 N.E. from New Haven, 35 N.W. from New London. Lat 41°34' N., long. 72°39' W. The city is very pleasantly situated on ground rising gradually from the river. The principal street, called Main street, runs parallel with the river. This and other streets are intersected by cross streets leading to the river.

The wharves are commodious for shipping, there being ten feet of water for all vessels that can cross the bar at the mouth of the river.

Two high wharves are appropriated for two lines of steam-boats, of a large class, which afford a daily communication with the cities of New York and Hartford.

The streets and side-walks are pleasantly shaded with trees, and the side-walks are remarkably well paved.

The population of the city is about 3,500; of the town, above 7,000.

The public edifices are a couurt-house in the Grecian style of architecture, built in 1832; a custom-house handsomely built of Chatham freestone; 2 banks, and a savings bank, &c. The places of public worship in the city, and the principal houses and stores are of brick, many of which are built with great taste.

The Wesleyan University, under the patronage of the Methodist Episcopal church, was founded in 1831, and is very rapidly acquiring a high standing. It has now 160 students. Its officers are a president and 5 professors.

The college buildings command an extensive view of the surrounding country, as well as of the valley of the Connecticut, so justly famed for its beauty.

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