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East Haven, Connecticut

New Haven county. This town was taken from New Haven in 1785, and is connected with New Haven by a bridge. Population, 1830, 1,229. It has good navigable privileges, and is watered by Quinnipiac river. It has some trade, but the principal employment of the inhabitants is agriculture and fishing.

This was a great resort for the Indians in former years. On Grave Hill was an Indian fort and cemetery. Bones of Indians of a large size, and domestic and warlike implements for savage use, have been found here. The Indian Well, in a granite rock on an island in Stony river, is a curiosity. It is about 30 inches in diameter, very smooth at the bottom. It is now about 5 feet in depth, but formerly it was deeper. It was evidently formed by the attrition of sand and pebbles which passed over this rock, it being at some former period, the bed of the river. East Haven is pleasantly located, and commands a fine prospect of Long Island Sound.

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